Garden Club

If you have a green thumb or just lover being outdoors, you’ll want to check out our Garden Club.


Our Garden Club provides beauty to our whole campus!

Village Singers

We are blessed to have talented singers; and they share their talent at the various programs performed throughout the year. If your gift is music, you should check out the Village Singers.

Village Buddies

Our Village Buddies spend time with our Health Center Residents – no reason for anyone to be lonely here!

Bible Study

Our chaplains meet with independent living and assisted living residents during the week for spiritual enrichment.


Our Guild has many fundraisers throughout the year. If you enjoy fellowship and working together to accomplish great things, you’ll want to learn more about the Guild.

Men’s Club

This is the place for men to enjoy good food and fellowship!

Prayer Meeting

Residents meet on Monday mornings to help each other with prayer requests.

Volunteer Opportunities

We believe in giving back to our community – from volunteers that go to schools helping children improve their reading skills, to helping at various local charities in the Des Moines area, you will be able to find a volunteer opportunity.